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Karel Sabbe Interview ENG


    Karel Sabbe’s Tips & Tricks for Ohm Trail


[subtitle]Karel who ?[/subtitle]

Karel Sabbe is a Belgian Ultra Trailer who is used to very long distance efforts. Over the past two years, he has established «  FKT  » (Fastest Known Time) on popular backcountry trails in the United States. The Pacific Crest Trail (4.240 km in 52 days 8h 25min) and the Appalachian trail (3.510km in 41 days 7h 39min).
A month ago, Karel rocked the Trail running planet by achieving the incredible feat of reaching loop 4 ,out of 5, of the legendary Barkley Marathon (+ -160km and 20,000m D+). Only fifteen runners have completed the five loops since 1986, less than 2% of the 800 ultra runners who tried it.

To do so, Karel participated to the Ohm Trail last year where he finished 3rd on the Ohm Trail XL. Very nicely, he shares some training tips and gives his impression on the race:

Karel Sabbe Ohm Trail 2019
[subtitle]Karel about Ohm Trail:[/subtitle]

Hi Karel, how do you prepare for a trail as hard as the Ohm Trail?
the Ohm Trail was a perfect fit for my Appalachian Trail record-breaking training program: as much as you can get as much as you can on the shortest possible distance. My training at that time was a mixture of volume and short climbs. Near Ghent there is an embankment with a vertical drop of 31m. Sometimes walking up to 100 times from bottom to top, I was able to train on several meters in record time, ideal for the Ohm Trail.
My only disadvantage was that I could not do speed training at that time. My body had to get used to the slowness of long distances. As the Ohm Trail is a succession of climbs, I was able to take advantage to get on a podium. I was gaining a lot of time in the climbs and I lost some time on the parties some « rolling » parts.

Have you adapted your training?
To do better on the Ohm Trail, I should have worked more my speed. But my top priority was the record on the Appalachian Trail. Being a good climber is an important asset to the Ohm Trail. More than most other trails. It is certainly good to include a few sessions of fractional odds in his coaching for the Ohm Trail

Forging Tough Trailers

What particularity of the course marked you?
The Chefna Valley and the Ninglingspo are two of my favorite places in the Ardennes. Running here during a competition is so special and unique. The beauty of the course really marked me!

Moreover, I found the course so beautiful that after the Appalachian Trail, I again did the Ohm Trail in « off » with a friend. With a backpack, a carpet and a sleeping bag, we covered the 50 kilometers in 2 days. In the evening, a beautiful camp and campfire made it a perfect event for two days!

Karel en Off

What motivated you to participate in the Ohm Trail?
The Ohm Trail was perfect to see how I managed in terms of positive elevation digestion. I was about 6 weeks before the start of the Appalachian Trail on which I had to do 3600 meters of H+ per day. the Ohm Trail XL has 2.800, so it was an ideal test.

Last year, you finished 3rd in the 50Km. Will you be back on June 2nd?
Since the Barkley Marathon I took a little break to recover. I have not run since but I intend to participate for fun. This year I will make a decision at the last minute, but I would really like to be back on the most difficult trail of Belgium!

Great! Karel, a big thank you for your training tips and see you on June 2nd for the Ohm Trail!

Karel Sabbe

Ohm Trail 2019


Ohm Trail 2019

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