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The courses


Start To Trail

Accessible to all, the Start To Trail (STT) offers a foretaste of the Ohm Trail.

The course takes up a portion of the Ohm Trail Ultra with all the ingredients of its big brothers in a condensed format.

Single tracks, steep climbs, technical descents and panoramic views are part of the game!

10km / 390m D+.

Ohm Trail Light

The first Ohm distance, this “lightened” course is based on the main fline of the Ohm Trail Original route.

The Ohm Trail Light (OTL) offers a nice journey trough the woods of Aywaille before diving towards the famous Fonds de Quarreux.

The ride gets tougher with climbs to the summits of the mythical Ninglinspo, the Drouet viewpoint and its single track over the ridge to Roche Crahay.

Beware of not underestimating the second part of the route, which is a continuous sequence of ascents and descents to theTilleul du Pendu and the rollercoaster under the Remouchamps viaduct.

Finally, legs permitting, it’s time to push on along the Amblève to the finish!

24km / 1100m D+.

Ohm Trail Original

The Ohm Trail Original (OTO) The one and only, since 2004.
Much more than a trail, this race has an aura like no other in Belgium.

The course was initially designed for tough trail runners. Difficult to complete with a succession of climbs of all tastes and flavours, which will make you go through different stage of exhaustion. The elevation gain curve, envied by all cardiologists, simply makes most of the participants swoon.

Runners participate to test their resistance, to push their limits and to forge themselves.
Unforgiving, the race demands, challenges and breaks.

But the Ohm Trail enhances, strengthens and inspires.
Some of the biggest names in Belgian trail running history have been forged on the Ohm Trail.

“Go Ohm or Go Home,” say the old-timers.

Complex, the course increases in difficulty as the kilometers go by. Each portion is different and exotic
If the race doesn’t really start until a third of the way through, it often gets lost at two-thirds, turning the final climbs into a real nightmare.
Underestimating it is often fatal.

But in the end it’s not the finish line that counts. It’s about the path that leads to it
Welcome to an adventure with yourself.

35km / 1950m D+.

Ohm Trail XL

Longer. Harder. The Ohm Trail XL (OTX) is dedicated to trail runners who can’t get enough.

2014, the Ohm Trail is 10 years old. The “locals” are now in shape, forged and… resistant. But are they tough? Before exploring the mountain trails abroad, being tough is mandatory and have faith in your legs is a must !

The OTX completes the tour around the valley, adds 20km, 860m H+ and passes the psychological 50km mark. This race is the ideal springboard for international summer trails.

The route climbs along the 2 longest hills of the valley and follows the legendary Chefna brook and its goldmine where golddiggers and runners team up in their quest to happiness.

55km / 2810m D+.

Ohm Trail Ultra

2020, 15th edition of the Ohm Trail and birth of the Ohm Trail Ultra (OTU)

Specially designed to host the Belgian Ultra Trail Championship, this demanding course completes the diversity of landscapes crossed by adding breathtaking panoramic views!

Fine-tuned by local runners, this route is full of unknown, steep and wild trails that gave place to an epic fight in 2022 between all the best athletes in the history of Belgian trail running

So epic that the OTU was finally adopted along the definitive courses. Welcome to the family!

80km / 3850m D+.

Ohm Trail 2023 Aftermovie

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